A Secret Weapon For Scientology

And here is a small peek into Mike Rinder’s history of staying compelled or the undue affect, into the narcissistic method of Scientology.

No guy in this entire display has lost any stature or energy by currently being while in the existence of Leah Remini (OK there’s David Miscavige – there’s that.)

Steven caught my focus on the entire process of leaving the Sea Org, it is brutal, brutal. You happen to be damn Blessed if you can get out without having long term destruction.

And as generally, I'm praying in your case and most of the individuals hurt by Scientology. I'm praying for those continue to caught in Scientology, such as the major bannana himself.

We know he has a private jet. What type of luxuries are at his disposal? Limos, autos, bikes, villas mansions custom personalized suits (a man that is five’one might be buying while in the boys Division at Macy’s I think) Anyway it doesn’t need to be correct but I’m just curious to determine what he has and what the worth is of each and every item — an educated guess is all you are able to do I’m certain because you could not be specific. After i see it I’ll think of the men and women in Sea Org eating slop.

I had been a previous Sea Org member for a decade plus a public Scientologist for 2 other a long time. I sincerely enjoy both Leah and you also, but I have a lot of regard, respect and admiration for you personally, what you have got carried out and what you are carrying out.

Yvonne had a Distinctive dining home in the basement of your home every one of us lived in — the place “superstars” and political/police/VIPS would dine. Evidently it was alternatively primitive.

Strength and support to all of you. You're executing a fantastic occupation And that i hope you do not Give up or falter.

Mike, I’m a LONG TIME supporter of yours. I know that you're delicate about stepping on toes in my site specified instances, but I wont at this stage if you might remark about Marty Rathbun’s switch around.

Thank you both equally a great deal on your initiatives, it will take braveness and strength being a whistleblower, especially when you happen to be therapeutic from a very own wounds inflicted by this type of harmful Business.

The unhappy stories of being victimized by what one particular firmly and wholeheartedly considered in to Continue Many of us is incomprehensible. Sure, willingly being taken benefit of to benefit CO$….

I only expended a month or two within the Int Foundation again in 1985. Back again then, I had by no means heard of David Miscavige. I had been Section of the Int Finance Office. It absolutely was my senior, who later on blew, who explained to me about dm Which he was very highly regarded. He was another person you didn't desire to cross.

life, as I'd Give up University after two years and you can try here could make my family (who had been horrified that I experienced Give up

This last episode of period just one was so highly effective…I loved the MH Expert who was was a “Moonie” for the reason that he was so genuine!

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